SAFE. Tempered Glass Samsung Galaxy A30/A50
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SAFE. Tempered Glass Samsung Galaxy A30/A50


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Galaxy A30/A50

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Product Description

PanzerGlass™ Tempered Glass

Cracked screens are a pain (and a drain on your wallet). But worry not, Samsung users! PanzerGlass™ offers the ultimate shield for your precious device, at the lowest price in the UAE.

Crafted from ultra-strong tempered glass, this screen protector fends off scratches, scrapes, and even drops. Its diamond-hard surface laughs in the face of everyday hazards, keeping your display pristine.

But protection doesn’t come at the cost of clarity. PanzerGlass™ delivers razor-sharp visuals, ensuring you enjoy every photo, video, and game in stunning detail. Touch sensitivity remains flawless, so navigating your phone feels natural and effortless.

Plus, say goodbye to annoying fingerprints! The included antibacterial coating repels smudges and kills 99.99% of common bacteria, keeping your screen hygienically clean.

Installation? A breeze! Our innovative design ensures a bubble-free application, even for the clumsiest among us. And with a case-friendly fit, you can shield your phone without sacrificing style.


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