Victsing Gaming Keyboard Ultra Slim Wired PC149A
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Victsing Gaming Keyboard Ultra Slim Wired PC149A


65 AED

Victsing Gaming Keyboard

65 AED

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Product Description

  • The Victsing PC149A: ultra-slim gaming dominance at the UAE’s budget-friendliest price. Slice through enemies, not your savings, with this wired warrior.

    Dominate without draining your bank: Experience top-tier performance without breaking the bank. The PC149A redefines budget gaming, bringing pro-level precision to your fingertips at a price that won’t make you flinch.

    Ultra-thin, ultra-tough: Don’t let the sleek profile fool you. This keyboard’s metal skeleton stands firm under intense firefights, while its whisper-quiet keys unleash a storm of commands.

    Rainbow your reign: Bathe your battlefield in customizable RGB glory. Choose from a spectrum of lighting effects to match your mood, style, or in-game dominance.

    104-key command center: Every keystroke, a calculated strike. The full-size layout grants effortless control, letting you weave intricate spells or dominate the frag-count with pinpoint accuracy.

    Anti-ghosting for zero ghosting: Forget frustrating key jams. The PC149A’s anti-ghosting tech ensures every press registers, so your combos and commands land exactly as intended.

    Multimedia mastery at your fingertips: Take control beyond the game. Dedicated multimedia keys put volume, playback, and more within instant reach, letting you seamlessly switch between epic victories and epic tunes.

    Plug and play, conquer and slay: No software drama, no driver woes. Just plug the PC149A into your USB and crush your competition. Pure, unadulterated gaming at your command.

    The UAE’s budget gaming champion awaits: Claim your victory at the lowest price in the UAE. The Victsing PC149A – ultra-slim, ultra-powerful, ultra-affordable. Unleash your inner champion, not your inner accountant.

    Dominate the leaderboard, not your budget. Victsing PC149A.



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