Logitech Pop Keys Mechanical Keyboards With Customizable Emoji Keys – Blast Color
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Logitech Pop Keys Mechanical Keyboards With Customizable Emoji Keys – Blast Color


250 AED

Logitech Pop Keys Mechanical Keyboards are a blend of mechanical precision and personalized flair. Featuring mechanical switches for excellent tactile feedback, these keyboards stand out with their customizable emoji keys, allowing users to add a fun and expressive touch to their typing experience. With RGB backlighting, dedicated media controls, and the trusted Logitech build quality, they offer a versatile and stylish choice for both gaming and productivity enthusiasts.

Logitech mechanical keyboard pop keys

250 AED

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Product Description

POP Keys at Lowest Price in UAE

Crave retro chic with a modern twist? Blast off with POP Keys mechanical keyboard in a bold arcade-inspired palette. This clicky wonder isn’t just eye candy. Feel the satisfying clack of its mechanical switches under your fingertips. Express yourself like never before with eight swappable emoji keycaps, popping in winks, smiles, or fire when words just won’t cut it.

Need emoji superpowers? Unleash the full emoji universe with a dedicated key, raining down digital feels. Don’t worry, multi-device pairing keeps you seamlessly switching between screens. And the budget-friendly price? Music to your ears (especially at the UAE’s lowest!). POP Keys – where retro vibes meet expression, all at a price that doesn’t scream “game over.”

Key Features:

  • Retro arcade chic meets modern tech: Blast your workspace with bold colors and satisfying mechanical keys.
  • Express yourself on demand: Swappable emoji keycaps and a dedicated emoji key let you speak your mind, digitally.
  • Multi-device mastery: Connect seamlessly between 3 devices with a tap of a key.
  • Budget-friendly blast: Experience premium performance without breaking the bank. POP Keys – the UAE’s keyboard sweet spot.

Blast your way to keyboard nirvana with POP Keys. Order yours today at the lowest price in UAE! (Word count: 172)

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