Logitech MX vertical Mouse – Black
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Logitech MX vertical Mouse – Black


225 AED

The Logitech MX Vertical Mouse is a highly ergonomic and innovative computer mouse designed for reduced strain and enhanced precision. It features customizable buttons, high-precision tracking, cross-computer control, fast charging, and compatibility with various operating systems. This premium-quality mouse is ideal for those seeking an ergonomic alternative to traditional mice.

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225 AED

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Product Description

Logitech MX Vertical:

Ergonomics on a budget? Look no further. Ditch wrist pain and embrace comfort with the MX Vertical, now at the lowest price in the UAE. This revolutionary mouse boasts a 57° tilt, mimicking a natural handshake and reducing muscle strain by 10%. Work longer, happier, thanks to its sculpted design and advanced features.

Precision meets affordability. Navigate with pinpoint accuracy using the MX Vertical’s high-resolution 4000 DPI sensor. Scroll effortlessly with the smooth hyper-fast scroll wheel. Multiple buttons and Logitech Options software put control at your fingertips. All this, at a price that won’t break the bank.

Productivity powerhouse. Effortlessly switch between up to 3 devices with Logitech Flow, seamlessly copying and pasting content. The rechargeable battery lasts up to 4 months on a single charge, minimizing downtime. And with a sleek, minimalist design, the MX Vertical elevates any workspace.

Don’t settle for discomfort. Experience the future of work, ergonomically designed and priced within reach. Get your Logitech MX Vertical today, at the lowest price in the UAE.


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