HP X9000 OMEN Gaming Mouse
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HP X9000 OMEN Gaming Mouse


70 AED

HP OMEN X9000 gaming mouse. Enjoy pinpoint accuracy, high DPI, and programmable buttons for victory at the best price in UAE.

Hp omen gaming mouse

70 AED

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Product Description

HP X9000 OMEN gaming mouse. Wired for reliability, its ambidextrous design offers comfortable use for all-day gaming sessions. The high-performance laser sensor tracks every move with precision, keeping you on target. Six programmable buttons allow customization for your preferred playstyle.

Looking for a powerful gaming mouse without breaking the bank? The HP X9000 OMEN is the perfect choice. It delivers exceptional performance at the lowest price point for gaming mice in the UAE. Don’t compromise on quality – elevate your gameplay with the HP X9000 OMEN, the budget-friendly champion.

Here’s why the HP X9000 OMEN is your ideal gaming mouse:

  • Precision aim: The high-performance laser sensor ensures pixel-perfect tracking, eliminating in-game jitters.
  • Comfort for hours: The ambidextrous design provides a natural grip for both left and right-handed users, reducing fatigue during long gaming marathons.
  • Customizable controls: Six programmable buttons allow you to tailor the mouse to your specific gaming needs.
  • Budget-friendly dominance: Get high-end features without the high-end price tag. The HP X9000 OMEN is the most affordable gaming mouse with top-tier performance in the UAE.


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