Logitech G435 Bluetooth Gaming Headset
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Logitech G435 Bluetooth Gaming Headset


179 AED

Logitech G435 wireless gaming headset, UAE’s lightest wireless gaming beast! Epic audio, 18-hour battery, all at rock-bottom prices. Shop now

Logitech G435 Bluetooth Gaming Headset

179 AED

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Product Description

Logitech G435 wireless headset: your gateway to audio glory, at the UAE’s lowest price.

Dual wireless dominance. Game on PC with ultra-fast LIGHTSPEED or switch to Bluetooth for mobile action. Seamless, effortless.

Sound that stuns. Crisp highs, booming bass, clear mids. Hear every footstep, every enemy whisper. Dominate the soundscape.

Mic that mutes the mayhem. Crystal-clear chat, background noise silenced. Your teammates hear you, not your surroundings.

Comfort for champions. Lightweight, breathable ear cups. Play for hours, win for longer.

Eco-conscious crown. Made with recycled plastic, built to last. Game responsibly, game sustainably.

Logitech G435. Unleash your inner champion. Unleash the lowest price in the UAE.


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