Astro Gaming Headset A50 G3 Xbox/PC
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Astro Gaming Headset A50 G3 Xbox/PC


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Astro A50 G3 Headset: crystal-clear Dolby Audio, lag-free wireless, long battery life. Best price in UAE, dominate every match. #AstroGaming #A50G3 #WirelessHeadset #Xbox #PCGaming

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Product Description

Astro A50 G3 unleashes pro-grade audio at the lowest price you’ll find in the UAE. Experience crisp highs, booming bass, and precise surround sound that puts you right in the heart of the action. Cut loose the cord, wireless freedom lets you roam your battlefield uninterrupted.

Crafted for marathon sessions, A50 G3 boasts plush ear cups and a lightweight design that melts onto your head. Durable materials shrug off wear and tear, ensuring this headset thrives alongside your gaming passion. Crystal-clear mic captures your every callout, teammates will hear you loud and clear.

Astro Command Center software unlocks a treasure trove of customization. Tweak audio profiles, tune mic performance, and create an audio experience that’s uniquely yours. All at a price that won’t break the bank, only in the UAE.

A50 G3: Dominate the game, not your wallet.

  • Pro-grade audio at the lowest price in UAE.
  • Uncut wireless freedom for unchained gameplay.
  • Plush comfort for marathon sessions.
  • Crystal-clear mic for flawless communication.
  • Customizable audio with Astro Command Center.

Don’t settle, conquer. Get Astro A50 G3 at the budget-friendliest price in UAE.


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