Google Nest Wifi Router and Point 1 Router and 1 Point
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Google Nest Wifi Router and Point 1 Router and 1 Point


320 AED

Ditch Wi-Fi woes! Google Nest Wifi blankets your home in seamless, blazing-fast internet. One Router + One Point covers up to 1500 sq ft, streams 4K effortlessly, and doubles as a smart speaker. Upgrade your whole-home connectivity today!

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320 AED

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Product Description

Ditch pixelated calls and buffering frustrations! The Google Nest Wifi Router & Point blankets your home in seamless, reliable Wi-Fi. It’s not just a router & extender, it’s a whole-home mesh system that blasts away dead zones and delivers blazing-fast internet everywhere.

Stream 4K movies.
Game online with lightning reflexes, and hold lag-free video calls all at once, thanks to AC2200 speeds and smart mesh technology. Forget patchy coverage and weak signals – Nest Wifi points work together to create a unified network, ensuring every corner enjoys strong, uninterrupted Wi-Fi.

Nest Wifi is smart enough to keep up. It automatically optimizes your network, choosing the best channels and keeping your devices seamlessly connected as you move around. Get up and running in minutes with the Google Home app. Manage your network, prioritize devices, and even set guest Wi-Fi access, all from your smartphone.

Each point doubles as a Google Assistant speaker, letting you control your smart home, play music, and get things done with just your voice. Sleek and compact, Nest Wifi points blend seamlessly into your décor.

More than just a router, it’s a home Wi-Fi revolution. Ditch the frustration, embrace the freedom, and experience the internet like never before. Order your Google Nest Wifi Router & Point today and unlock a world of seamless connectivity! Need more coverage? No problem! Nest Wifi is modular, so you can easily add more points as your needs grow.


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