Mpow Grip Flex Windshield Car Mount (MPCA033CB)
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Mpow Grip Flex Windshield Car Mount (MPCA033CB)


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Car Phone Mount

40 AED

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Product Description

  • Mpow Grip Flex Car Mount (MPCA033CB)

    Secure your smartphone for the smoothest ride, without breaking the bank. The Mpow Grip Flex car mount, at the UAE’s lowest price, is your budget beast. Strong suction cup and locking system grip tight, even on bumpiest roads. Say goodbye to wobbly worries.

    Bendable gooseneck arm brings your phone closer, adjusting to any angle for perfect viewing. Rotate 360 degrees – landscape, portrait, you name it. Anti-slip pads cradle your phone securely, no scratches guaranteed.

    Genius lever design conquers even steeply raked windshields. The more your phone weighs down, the tighter the suction cup holds. It’s like magic, but it’s science, and it’s yours for the lowest price in Dubai.

    Mpow Grip Flex. Secure, flexible, budget-friendly. Unleash the ultimate driving companion, without draining your wallet.

    Key Features:

    • Budget-friendly: Lowest price in the UAE
    • Strong suction cup & locking system: Grips tight, even on rough roads
    • Bendable gooseneck & 360° rotation: Adjust for perfect viewing angles
    • Anti-slip pads: Secure hold, no scratches
    • Genius lever design: Works even on steeply raked windshields


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