Panasonic Air Purifier FPBJ30A
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Panasonic Air Purifier FPBJ30A


Original price was: 350 AED.Current price is: 220 AED.

Panasonic air purifier

Original price was: 350 AED.Current price is: 220 AED.

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Product Description

Panasonic FPBJ30A Air Purifier (Offer Price in UAE)

Clean Air, Healthier You

The Panasonic FPBJ30A air purifier is designed to eliminate pollutants and allergens from your home, creating a cleaner and healthier environment for you and your family.

Effective Filtration

This air purifier boasts a two-filter system: a deodorizing filter and a composite filter with Super Alleru-buster, Green Tea Catechin, and an anti-bacteria enzyme. This combination effectively traps dust, allergens, and even inhibits bacteria growth.

Panasonic nanoe™ Technology

The FPBJ30A utilizes Panasonic’s innovative nanoe™ technology. These microscopic particles, filled with hydroxyl radicals, neutralize airborne allergens and bacteria, further improving your indoor air quality. They are effective for up to 6 hours, ensuring long-lasting purification throughout your room.

Customized Comfort

Choose from three fan speeds to adjust airflow based on your preference. The auto mode automatically adjusts settings based on detected air quality, while the turbo mode provides a quick burst of powerful purification when needed.

Peace of Mind Features

The FPBJ30A comes equipped with an odor sensor that detects and reacts to unpleasant smells. Additionally, a convenient filter change indicator lets you know when it’s time for filter replacement, ensuring optimal performance.

Compact Design

This air purifier is designed for portability and convenience. Its compact size makes it ideal for use in bedrooms, living rooms, or any space in your home that needs a boost in air quality.

Key Features:

  • Two-filter system for comprehensive air purification (Offer price in UAE!)
  • Panasonic nanoe™ technology for lasting deodorization and allergen reduction
  • Three fan speeds for customized comfort (Offer price in UAE!)
  • Auto and turbo modes for automatic adjustments and powerful cleaning
  • Odor sensor to detect and eliminate unpleasant smells (Offer price in UAE!)
  • Filter change indicator for optimal performance


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