Skullcandy MixMaster DJ Headphones with Mic

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Model ‎Supreme MixMaster
Manufacturer ‎Skullcandy
Color ‎Black
Hardware Platform ‎PC, Mobile etc
Item Weight ‎99 g

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Product Description

Skullcandy MixMaster 2.0 DJ Headphones

Introducing Skullcandy’s Mix Master headphones. Witness the evolution of audio innovation, a passionate collaboration infused with inspiration from the legendary DJ Mix Master Mike. After 18 months of design and development, Skullcandy and the notorious Mix Master Mike release the pinnacle of stunning sound, patented technology and turntable utility. The Mix Master Mike headphones boast stats to be the only headphone in a DJ’s arsenal, but with the versatility to be the headpiece for your daily battles.

Mix Master Mike signed off on every technical detail of his signature Mix Master headphone, and passed it along as a blank canvas to Paul Budnitz, the evil genius behind Kidrobot. The result is a deliciously minimalistic fusion of modern art and pro-level function, with top-shelf ingredients. The Mix Master Mike headphones offer a comfortable fit, decent isolation and great sound with numerous DJ features including Skullcandy’s proprietary Mylar drivers, dual cable inputs, cue control, and a one-touch mute button for instant house monitoring. Skullcandy set out to create the ultimate headphones for hard-core DJs. The Mix Master is packed with world-class features and proprietary Supreme Sound. An iPhone compatible cable is also included.

Every Skullcandy Mix Master Mike component is carefully created and d by using a design language that is the first step in engineering performance products. Skullcandy do this by employing a full suite of engineering tools to test product fit and performance.

Mix Master Mike Technical Specifications

Skullcandy Mix Master Mike headphones combine a 3.5 mm connection / 6.35 mm adapter; stereo, over-ear model and design with a frequency of 20 Hz – 20 kHz through a speaker diameter of 50 mm for a comfortable fit and awesome sound. Mix Master Mike headphones include a 2 metre interchangeable DJ Coil Cable with 90-degree L-plug. The headphones weight approximately 120 grams (without cable). Made for iPod, iPhone and iPad.

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About Skullcandy

Skullcandy became the world’s most distinct audio brand by bringing colour, character and performance to an otherwise monochromatic space; revolutionising the audio arena by introducing headphones, earbuds and other audio and wireless lifestyle products that possess unmistakable style and exceptional performance. From the award-winning, optic-inspired Roc Nation Aviator headphones to the evolutionary fitting FIX earbuds and a roster of the world’s finest athletes, musicians and artists, Skullcandy continues to redefine world-class audio performance and style.

Skullcandy is committed to innovative designs, ensuring your favourite headphones perform according to your needs. The ergonomics of Skullcandy product features are engineered to perfectly fit the anatomy of your head and ear. Skullcandy’s unique design solutions conquer industry and user problems. Skullcandy has developed a number of headphone collections to enhance end-user style and keep you true to your core.

Supreme Sound Tuning

Skullcandy is committed to delivering true, premium audio and their new Supreme Sound tuning gives your favourite music the full range of attacking bass, natural vocals and precision highs. Created by a team of the world’s leading acoustic engineers, Supreme Sound is the exclusive audio experience only Skullcandy can deliver. It is engineered to the consumer’s playlist to deliver the best possible tonal balance of bass, vocals and highs.

Bass, Vocals & Highs

These three audio components encompass the entire audio spectrum and are the foundation of the Supreme Sound Experience. Through Supreme Sound, Skullcandy has defined the way bass, vocals and highs should sound in all of their products. Consumer headphones often deliver suppressed ‘muddy’ bass or exaggerated ‘boomy’ bass. ‘Attacking Bass’ packs a sound that is punchy and powerful.

One touch control, Silence the boom, hear the room

Natural Vocals

Conventional headphones can sound tinny and hollow like they are being pushed through an AM radio. Supreme Sound creates a warm and smooth listening experience so you can hear every inflection in your favourite songwriter’s lyrics, as if you were standing beside them.

Precision Highs

Typical headphones in the market create a harsh or dull sound that can be fatiguing to the ears; however, Skullcandy engineer their headphones to produce clean and spacious highs–not the piercing or muted highs like you may have heard in other headphones. Supreme Sound delivers perfect highs for the final element of an amazing audio experience.


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