Razer Huntsman Mini 60% Gaming Keyboard Clicky Purple Optical Switches
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Razer Huntsman Mini 60% Gaming Keyboard Clicky Purple Optical Switches


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Unleash unparalleled gaming precision with the Razer Huntsman Mini 60% Gaming Keyboard. Featuring Clicky Purple Optical Switches, customizable Chroma RGB lighting, and a compact design, it’s the ultimate choice for gamers who demand performance without compromise.

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230 AED

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Product Description

Introducing the Razer Huntsman Mini 60% Gaming Keyboard with Clicky Purple Optical Switches – the epitome of compact power and precision for gaming enthusiasts. This cutting-edge keyboard redefines the gaming experience, offering a compact form factor without compromising on performance. Dive into a world of rapid keystrokes, unparalleled responsiveness, and customizable RGB lighting, all packed into a sleek and portable design.

At the heart of the Razer Huntsman Mini lies its Clicky Purple Optical Switches, a revolutionary switch technology that sets this gaming keyboard apart. These switches are designed for gamers who crave tactile feedback and audible clicks with every keystroke. The Clicky Purple Optical Switches deliver an ultra-fast actuation time of just 1.5mm, ensuring that your commands are registered with lightning speed, giving you a competitive edge in fast-paced gaming scenarios.

The 60% form factor of the Razer Huntsman Mini means that it’s 60% the size of a standard keyboard, eliminating unnecessary keys to create a more streamlined and portable device. This compact design is a game-changer for gamers who prioritize desk space or often find themselves on the move. The absence of a dedicated number pad and function row allows for a smaller footprint while retaining all the essential keys for gaming.

The keyboard’s minimalist design doesn’t compromise on durability. The Razer Huntsman Mini is constructed with top-quality materials, ensuring it can withstand the rigors of intense gaming sessions. The aluminum top plate adds a premium touch while providing structural integrity, making the keyboard a reliable companion for long hours of gameplay.

Customization is at the core of the Razer experience, and the Huntsman Mini is no exception. Armed with Razer Chroma RGB lighting, this keyboard lets you personalize your gaming setup to match your style. With 16.8 million colors and a variety of dynamic lighting effects, you can create a visually stunning gaming environment that reflects your mood or enhances immersion during gameplay. Razer Synapse software makes customization a breeze, allowing you to sync your lighting across all your Razer peripherals for a cohesive and captivating gaming setup.

Despite its compact size, the Razer Huntsman Mini doesn’t compromise on functionality. Fully programmable keys give you the flexibility to map complex commands or macros, putting powerful tools at your fingertips without the need for a full-sized keyboard. The included on-the-fly macro recording feature enables you to record and execute intricate commands seamlessly, giving you the upper hand in any gaming scenario.

The Razer Huntsman Mini is also equipped with N-Key Rollover and Anti-Ghosting technology, ensuring that every keypress is registered accurately, even during the most intense gaming moments. This feature is essential for gamers who demand precision and reliability from their peripherals, allowing them to execute complex combinations without fear of input errors.

For users who are always on the move, the detachable USB-C cable adds a layer of convenience, making the Razer Huntsman Mini easy to pack and transport. The keyboard’s plug-and-play functionality ensures that you can set up your gaming station quickly and effortlessly, whether you’re at home, at a friend’s place, or participating in a gaming tournament.

In conclusion, the Razer Huntsman Mini 60% Gaming Keyboard with Clicky Purple Optical Switches is a compact powerhouse that caters to the needs of serious gamers. Its innovative switch technology, durable construction, customizable RGB lighting, and compact form factor make it a standout choice for those who prioritize performance and style in their gaming setup. Elevate your gaming experience with the Razer Huntsman Mini and embrace the future of compact gaming keyboards.


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