MPOW professional camera tripod for and phone tripod(PA205A)
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MPOW professional camera tripod for and phone tripod(PA205A)


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professional tripod for camera and phone (

70 AED

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Product Description

Pro-level Stability: With the legs splayed out, the center brace provides reliable stability. Being able to handle payloads up to 1kg/2.2 lbs., this tripod can support cell phones,DSLRs, Action Camera, camcorders, video lights, projectors, compact telescopes, thermometers and more devices with a standard ?’’ screw thread.

Ultimate Portability and Height: Weighing in at only 550 g (1.2 lbs), this ultra-compact aluminum travel tripod is the top pick for travel. It reaches a maximum height of 134cm (53in) and collapses to a minimum height of 40.6cm (16in) for easy transport.

360° Panning Shots and Panoramas: The 3-way pan and tilt head, which includes a pan handle, allows you to smoothly rotate your camera 360° for shocking panorama. The head also features a 90° tilt option for locking your device in the portrait position.

Bluetooth 5.0 Remote Shutter with Lanyard: The remote control uses Bluetooth 5.0 technology to ensure wider compatibility and a more stable connection. You can shoot from up to 15m (49ft) away. The shutter also comes with an anti-lost lanyard for fast operation.

360° Rotatable Phone Holder with Hot Shoe: With a simple twist, you can switch the phone from portrait to landscape. The holder comes with a hot shoe to attach external mic or light. The strong twist-lock feature securely holds almost all phones/cases.



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