Samsung Power Bank EB-P1100 - 10000mAh,POWER BANK,SAMSUNG
Samsung Power Bank EB-P1100 - 10000mAh

The new Samsung Portable Battery charges with Samsung Fast Charge and Quick Charge 2. 0 support that lets you power up quick when youíre on the go.

Price: AED 40

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Mycandy Power Bank PB10050QC,POWER BANK,MYCANDY
Mycandy Power Bank PB10050QC

The mycandy 10050 mAh universal power bank is a palm-sized, dual-USB power bank which allows you to charge two devices simultaneously and quickly.

Price: AED 40

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Switch Power Bank SW-PB10K

Featuring high-capacity original LG battery cells, Qualcomm QC3.0 fast-charge technology in an ultra-compact design to charge your smartphone upto 3 times safely and quickly on the go!

Price: AED 40

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Mycandy Power Bank PB6700 - 6700mAh,POWER BANK,MYCANDY
Mycandy Power Bank PB6700 - 6700mAh

The mycandy 6,700 mAh universal power bank is an ultra-compact portable power bank which provides up to 3 full charges for your smartphone.

Price: AED 20

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Huawei Power Bank AP20Q - 20000mAh,POWER BANK,HUAWEI
Huawei Power Bank AP20Q - 20000mAh

Ultra High Capacity, Long Lasting Power With 20000 mAh ultra high capacity, it can charge your device multiple times in case of heavy usage or long trip; meets aviation regulations, use it in airplanes freely.

Price: AED 60

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Huawei Power Bank CP11QM - 10000mAh,POWER BANK,HUAWEI
Huawei Power Bank CP11QM - 10000mAh

Huawei CP11QM 10000 mAh QuickCharge

Price: AED 40

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Huawei Power Bank AP007 - 13000mAh,POWER BANK,HUAWEI
Huawei Power Bank AP007 - 13000mAh

Huawei Portable Power Bank

Price: AED 50

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Eveready Power Bank PPA10000BE - 10000mAh,POWER BANK,EVEREADY
Eveready Power Bank PPA10000BE - 10000mAh

Eveready Powerbank Ultra Thin Metal Design

Price: AED 40

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Mophie powerstation USB-C 3XL,POWER BANK,MOPHIE
Mophie powerstation USB-C 3XL

The high-capacity powerstation contains a 26,000mAh internal battery from mophie

Price: AED 280

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powerstation wireless XL,POWER BANK,MOPHIE
powerstation wireless XL

Whether you prefer superfast USB-C PD charging or convenient wireless charging

Price: AED 165

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Mophie Powerstation Pro XL,POWER BANK,MOPHIE
Mophie Powerstation Pro XL

The 10,050mAh powerstation Pro XL portable battery lets you fast-charge your smartphone up to 2.5 times faster

Price: AED 125

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Mophie Powerstation Pro,POWER BANK,MOPHIE
Mophie Powerstation Pro

mophie universal batteries just got more powerful

Price: AED 100

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