How to Sell Used/Unused Stuff in Middle East

Selling stuff anywhere in the world could be a tricky job. This article is to make it easier by listing ways through which one can sell material whether it is used or unused in the Middle East. First thing first, one needs to get the word out. Advertisement of the commodity is the most important […]

Become an expert buyer on Our Souq

You might have recently come across article on how to sell on LenDen, now lets see how you can find an item you are looking to buy in LenDen marketplace. Before that why buy second hand items? We may buy items that is for a short period of time so why go for a first […]

How to start selling on Our Souq

Here is a tutorial to help you to upload your unused second hand items at home to Our Souq. Step 1 Click in real time or upload from your gallery the pictures of the item you wish to upload Step 2 Select the action you want to do either sell/Exchange or Donate Step 3 Input other […]

How many footwear a person may need?

It is said that the foot has more bones than any part of the body! Well footwear is mainly used to protect one’s foot and to provide a certain amount of comfort level to an individual. However, with time the purpose of footwear have changed and in recent times footwear are more fashion dictated and […]

7 Things We Tend To Find When We Clean Our Wardrobes

Isn’t cleaning wardrobes THE most listless and monotonous work on the face of earth? I know what a pain it can be, but hey there! To lighten up your mood, I’ve jotted down some of the most common things we can find in every person’s wardrobe while cleaning. Keep this list by your side the […]

Top 5 charities through which you can contribute toward the Nepal relief effort

The recent Nepal earthquake was something that was a force of nature so terrible and tragic that mere words do not do any sort of justice to describe the sort of chaos and mayhem that has been unleashed upon the people of Nepal. Having claimed the lives of more than 7000 souls and injured twice […]

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8 beautiful items you won’t believe were made from trash

As the age-old saying goes, “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure” and the truth behind it so true that it hurts. Anyway, here are a list of 8 different items that are each, basically the metaphorical representations of the aforementioned quote. 1. Old beds/cot as new flower beds Old beds, mattresses and cots are one […]

Net Neutrality – The Internet Buffet

Ever heard of “Having your cake and eating it too”? Well, that statement is the perfect description of what various telecom operators are trying to pull. What are they trying to pull, you ask? Well, in a nutshell, they’re basically flipping the bird to Net Neutrality and everything it stands for. Now, before I dwell […]

9 odd things you won’t see (frequently) in a second-hand marketplace

Books, Stationary and Furniture….these are things that are pretty much a given in any online marketplace but hey, What about the weird, crazy and sometimes downright stupid things that aren’t? Read more to find out and a word of caution- prepare to be bamboozled (if that’s still a word people use these days.)   1. […]